Enwrapture Vintage
Direct Manufacturer of Vintage Indian Silk Wrap Skirts from India



It's Like Having 100 Outfits With Just One Skirt!! 

Truly A unique item, this multi purpose Magic Vintage Indian wrap skirt is Perfect for traveling going to the Beach or just hanging out with the girls. This one versatile skirt can do it all, just let your imagination run wild and you can create the most Beautiful dresses, tops and skirts you can dream up. Hand made from authentic Vintage Sari's from India, this skirt has two unique layers one pattern different from one another.This skirt is a beautiful piece of wearable art! Each Skirt is different and unique from one another. The skirt is made for 80% Silk and 20% Poly. and truly silky to the touch. This skirt makes you feel sexy!


Skirts sell for $59.95- $80.00 Retail

  Hand Wash Only


Included is a FREE pamphlet with just some ideas and instructions on how to wear this item.

Size: One size Fits Most  

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