The hottest clothing product of the year!!!! 

          10,000's sold each month      

This one magical skirt makes over 100 different outfits

ENWRAPTURE VINTAGE COLLECTION DRESS/SKIRT is new to the USA market, but is the hottest clothing product of the year! A SKIRT on the market that is so versatile that you can create over 100 of the most beautiful dresses, tops and skirts with just one skirt.  The beauty of ORIGINAL ENWRAPTURE VINTAGE COLLECTION DRESS/SKIRT as each skirt is different and unique from one another, as no two skirts are alike.  So Ladies, you do not have to worry about having the same outfit as others, as you are truely a trendsetter everytime you wear these. 

Be ready to make your friends jealous, as you can not find them in retail stores.  As they are in a limited amount of specialty stores and retail for $59.95-$80.00.

  Hand made from authentic Vintage Sari's from India, this skirt has two unique layers one pattern different from one another.